The 2014

Augusta County Fair

Is   Dedicated to:

Dr. Bruce Bowman


The Augusta County Fair is a community event – in every sense of the word.  It is planned by community members, supported by community members, and enjoyed by the community at-large.

Bruce Bowman has been a member of this community since his youth – and his presence in it has been seen, felt, and experienced from day one.  He was raised in Port Republic, VA and was an active member of the FFA in high school.  He attended Blue Ridge Community College prior to graduating from Virginia Tech in 1983.  Bruce, and his bride, Nancy became residents of Augusta County following his graduation from the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987.  They founded Commonwealth Veterinary Clinic in 1988, where Bruce served as owner and veterinarian. In 2011, he took a position as Regional Field Veterinarian for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, a position he currently holds.

Being a part of a community is not a passive experience in his eyes.  He has always been intentional in being involved.  Education and Agriculture are two of his passions, and he has spread his knowledge and experience and energy widely in those two areas.  He has attended many a ‘career day’ in our local elementary schools – inspiring our youth with enthusiasm about his career while emphasizing the importance of education and agriculture in this community.  While at Commonwealth Veterinary Clinic, he educated many high school seniors through the Augusta County Mentorship program, many Blue Ridge Community College LVT summer interns, countless veterinary students from all over the country, and an innumerable amount of other folks just interested in veterinary medicine in general.  He is never short of energy in extolling the value of the veterinary field and any student he has encountered would tell you the impact he has had on them.

Dr. Bowman has served on many local, state, and national committees supporting both the veterinary and agriculture industry.  He has been a member of the Fishersville Ruritans, served on the Blue Ridge Community College Board of Visitors, has held multiple offices with the Blue Ridge Veterinary Medical Association, served on the Augusta County Farm Bureau Board, the American Farm Bureau Livestock Advisory committee, and has been Chairman of the the Augusta County Market Animal Show – just to name a few of his community service venues (there are more.)

In 2005, he was honored by the Augusta County Chamber of Commerce as Augusta County Citizen of the Year.  In 2006, he was recognized as the Paul F. Landis Virginia Veterinarian of the Year.  Blue Ridge Community College’s Licensed

Veterinary Technician Program’s new Livestock Barn was named in his honor.


  His contributions to the Augusta County Fair have included his financial support as well as his time.  He and Commonwealth Veterinary Clinic donated the veterinary services for the fair, visiting the grounds multiple times a day, being present for the various shows and events, and providing the health certificates and overseeing care for the petting zoo.  Dr. Bowman is also an ever-encouraging promoter of our youth and their hard work.  He makes a point to stop and notice what others are doing well and to tell them about it.  A pat on the back from him is an often-experienced part of Fair week.  Got a problem?  He’s got a listening ear and usually a practical solution to get you on the right track.  Got a case of the blues because your animal didn’t show well?  He’s got an insight to cheer you up.  Got time to kill while waiting on the next event to start?  He’s got stories and jokes to keep you laughing for hours.

He and Nancy have two grown children, Maggie and Sam.  When he’s not at work or at some community function/meeting, he enjoys gardening, hiking, hunting, and riding his motorcycle with Nancy.  He is active in his church and sings in the choir.  He is truly a family man.

His commitment to education and agriculture extend well beyond Augusta County, however.  In 2009 and again in 2014, Bruce traveled to the northern territory of India to assist the residents there with their animals serving with Christian Veterinary Missions.

A garden requires patient labor and attention.  Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions.  They thrive because someoneexpended effort on them.  — Liberty Hyde Bailey

Dr. Bruce Bowman knows the value of expended effort and investment.  He has invested into this community in countless ways, and we’ve only been able to mention a few of them.

Thank you, Bruce, for just being you.  Thank you for all that you continue to do and inspire others to do – both for the Fair and Augusta County.