Rules and Regulations

1. All entries (except Antique Tractor Pull) must be made on Official Entry Forms which are located in this booklet.    Address all entries to: Augusta County Fair, Augusta County Extension Office, P.O. Box 590, Verona, VA 24482.    All entry forms must be postmarked by July 27. 2014.

2. Entries will be accepted as outlined in each department in this booklet.   Please refer to the section on “How to Enter Exhibits”.

3. Any person entering more than one exhibit is requested to use the same name and full mailing address on all exhibits.  Exhibitors should enter all exhibits on one entry form except for livestock.  Entries exhibited before may not be shown again (except farm sets).

4. Entries MAY NOT be removed from the exhibit area before Saturday August 9, 2014 at 9:00pm.

5. Classes with only one entry will be awarded placing at the judge’s discretion.  Youth crafts and youth exhibits will be judged by the Danish System.   All others will be judged by the American System.

6. The Augusta County Fair reserves the right to combine classes if necessary.

7. The Augusta County Fair reserves the right to refuse any entry offered and to require removal from the grounds of any exhibit or animal which the Board of Directors shall, for any reason, deem unfit or objectionable.

8. The exhibitor assumes all risks of damage or loss either to person or property for any cause whatsoever. It is further expressly understood and agreed between the exhibitor and the Augusta County Fair that the Augusta Expoland incur no liability or obligations to the exhibitor other than permitting the exhibitor to use the grounds and/or buildings for exhibits.

9.  All complaints must be presented in writing to the Augusta County Fair no later than 30 days after the close of the fair.  Complaints will be considered by the Board of Directors and their decision shall be final.

10.  Articles exhibited must be the work of the person in whose name they are entered and must have been made or completed within the guidelines set by each department.

11. Premiums will be paid by mail within 30 days after the close of the fair.

12. Premium checks must be cashed within 60 days of issue.

13. Exhibit area will be closed for judging on August 5th from 11:00am to 5:00pm and on August 6th from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

14.  NOTE:  Be sure to read each department’s General Rules.

15. Admission to the fair and exhibits will be $5.00   Age 7-12 $3   6 & under/free.   Lost passes will not be replaced.   See Schedule for days with discounted admission.

16. Check-in hours for vendors and concessions are 7:00am – 5:00pm on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.   Any display not in place by 5:00pm on Tuesday, August 5, 2012, can be reassigned by the fair.

17.  Space assignments will be made according to the date on which the appropriate fee and application is received. Vendors and exhibitors agree to accept the space assigned by the fair and agree to accept reassignment, if necessary, to create a more effective fair.  Such changes will not be made unless deemed absolutely necessary by the fair.   If vendor and exhibitor displays are not in place by 5:00pm Tuesday, August 5, 2014, the fair has the right to reassign the space.

18.  SUB-LEASING: Vendors and exhibitors may not permit others to use their space, or any part thereof without written permission from the fair’s management

19.  CANCELLATIONS: Contracts may be canceled and space assignments relinquished prior to July 7, 2014.  Notification of cancellations must be made in writing.   Spaces relinquished prior to July 7 will be refunded all appropriate fees minus a deposit fee equal to 1/3 the total cost.   Deposit fees are non-refundable.   All participants are responsible for the full cost of contracted space if cancellation notifications are received after July 7, 2014.

20.  DISPLAYS: Attractive, informative and attention-getting displays are encouraged.  In no event shall a display interfere with a neighboring exhibit.  Decisions will be based on the judgement of the fair management.  Fair management reserves the right to prohibit vendor displays or sales of items deemed to be unacceptable, either prior to or during the fair.

21.  SOUND LEVEL:  Any device, which produces sound, must be operated so as not to be disturbing to other exhibitors.  Fair management reserves the right to determine the acceptable sound level in all instances.

22.  UNAUTHORIZED ADVERTISING AND DISPLAYS:  No person, firm or organization which has not contracted with the fair for a vendor or exhibit space will be permitted to display or demonstrate any products, processes or services, to solicit orders, or to distribute advertising or other materials.  Any infringement of this rule will result in the prompt removal of the offending person from the facility.

23.  CLOSED AREAS TO TRAFFIC:  All motorized vehicles and trailers will be restricted designated parking areas with the exception of loading or unloading exhibits.  NO vehicles are allowed in the interior of the barns at anytime.

24.  PARKING:  Participants will have designated parking areas.  Participants must display their parking permits in order to park in such areas.  Parking permits and identifying passes will be handed out during check-in.  Lost permits will NOT be replaced.

25. CAMPERS:  Camper space available for $25.00/week.  No dump facility. 110 hook up only/NO AC.  Call Fair Office to reserve space…1st come 1st served basis.

26.  ADMISSION:  An admission fee will be charged to the general public at the main gate.  Some activities may require an additional charge. Fair management reserves the right to refuse admission to any person(s) in the interest of the safety and welfare of those in attendance.

27. EXHIBITOR CONDUCT:  All exhibitors are reminded that the fair is open to the general public and as such there will be many people present who are not familiar with animals and their actions.  Therefore, it is important that you conduct yourself and your animals in the safest manner possible.

28.  SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:  Smoking in the barn area is prohibited at all times.

29. Animals are not permitted on the grounds unless they are part of an authorized show or exhibit.  Service dogs for the disabled are the only exception.

30. Competition is open to all unless otherwise stated in the General Rules or Department Rules.

31. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages may be brought on the fair grounds at any time.  Violators will be removed from the grounds immediately.

32.  Absolutely no ATV’s will be permitted on the fairgrounds, except by authorized personnel.

33.  No one permitted to drive ATV’s or golf carts without a valid driver’s license.

34.  Augusta County Fair will not be responsible for printing errors in this Fair Book.

35.  Questions should be directed to the Fair Office at (540) 245-5627.